ANNOUNCING: The Solution To Create
Better Checkout Pages In OptimizePress

Awesome Looking, High Converting Checkout Pages for OptimizeMember

OptimizePress is great for making landing pages, and sales pages. We all know that...

The problem is you work so hard getting all your content created, Membership plugin settings setup, payment gateways integrated, testing the checkout process, and launching, you may not realize how the OptimizeMember Pro Forms are dirt ugly and lack customization options (unless you know CSS like I do).

I'm sure I don't have to go into to much detail here, but what do you think the number one reason people are not buying from you?

Think about that for a second...

If you guessed "My checkout page" then you are spot on.

Most Checkout Pages Lack Important Information Such As...

  • Stating EXACTLY what the customer is about to get and how much they are going to pay
  • The terms of the sale (such as free trial then monthly payment or single payment of...)
  • The bonuses they are about to get (and the value of them)
  • Reinforce social proof such as testimonials
  • A security statement to make customer feel secure while checking out
  • Something that makes them take action (such as count down timer or coupon)
  • Lets also not forget about the GUARANTEE
  • I could honestly go on and on about this...

Oh, and if you are using Paypal buttons... Shame on you. I'll say it again. Shame on you!!

You see, if you just use Paypal buttons you are not providing any information on the checkout page other than what Paypal provides. Most buyers would be ok so long as you give them good information on the sales page, however with OptimizeMember, the process can get quite confusing for your customer going  that route.

This is due to the fact that they would have to find their way back to your site (they will be automatically redirected if everything goes perfect) and then register after they land on an extremely ugly page with an uglier button so they can fill out a form to register.

Half a dozen emails and several times visiting links to your site to get their username and password, they might finally be able to access what they purchased (or gave up and asked for a refund).

Pro forms take care of registration and payment at one time.

If you are using paypal you don't even need a Pro account to use Pro forms (if you have questions about this I'm happy to explain later).

Ok that sounds good, but what is the solution?

I'm glad you asked. So, unless you want to pay $99 or more every month for a solution like SamCart, you are stuck using Pro Forms, but now they don't have to be ugly.

You Can Keep Using This....

Or You Can Start Using This....

It is totally up to you whether you want better looking checkout pages....

How many sales are you losing right now?

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